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ICAP is an initiative developed to monitor and understand the potential young minds in classification to ability, behaviour, goal setting and attention to career. please download our brochure

our focus

Talent pool initiation

We bring in analytics and real-time interaction console can help implement solutions to stabilize the human resource. We believe 0% unemployment and Independence of knowledge makes a better country.

STEAM Intergration

STEAM is next generation learning methodology, which would help students to maximize creativity and innovation.

Technology as Tool

More than fifty percent of students graduated from structured education or education through correspondence are first-generation graduates, To help any eligible to acquire high-level education and excellent career.

Digital DATA Materialization

Educational contents are vast, Scaling the data and restructuring of information

Education consulting

Utilization of technology and automation has reported in high efficiency in organizations. Taking advantage of the cloud tools can tremendously embrace education standards to a social spectrum.

AOCALE - A Career development platform

Academy of career and life experience is trying to do things differently around here. Finding a job is a path, but remember finding a right career is the dream. Aocale focuses on human resources and how can resources accommodate their knowledge in various sectors for a greater economy. We provide consultation, knowledge transfer, research data, resource vacancies to companies and individual for their career. Our short time goal is to encourage and educate students to choose the best career path to make India, Incredible again!

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So what's

Trending career

Collections of careers for you to choose from, single hub to explore.

HR Database

We collaborate with Organization to bring you real-time support via human resource staffs and recruiters.


Engaging with experts will provide a tremendous amount of working knowledge on particulars.

Org profile

Organizations and communities can build your social image with aocale, Please contact us for support.

Virtual Classroom

A virtual support classroom or a community space, You can customize as for your needs.

School online

A complete cutting-edge platform for education , From School to corporate you just need

About Us


Diamondsalts consulting is proud to be a part of this digital era, adapting to future technologies with a mission for knowledge stability among the world. We are a digital-education consulting firm bringing in improvements for students and research personnel, the benefit of mobility. DS Consulting is certain on its values and follows a clean scale standard ensuring our clients with excellent development and research requirements. We are an ambitious start-up, to drive-in the knowledge into a central point for distinguished purposes. In Discussion with thousands of students and educational experts, we believe DS Consulting can promise cost-effective solutions for the industry.

DS Consulting will make knowledge easy-to-access by bestowing exposure to support millions of individual and communities exercise equality of education. We are in collaborating with NGO's, institutions and Organisations to RAISE FIRST, to take an initiative of embracing and encouraging our huge potential young-minds to sign the world.

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