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Talent pool initiation

Under the digital era, every vertical operating on technology is evolving rapidly. Based on the talent pool statics and projections. Very few countries will have potential resources, while India and China might be covering 40% of work force. Our company is trying to identify precautions for the situations like unemployment, cut offs and overloading crisis happening every year globally. We are in a middle of a bottle neck scenario, talents are manipulated and uninstructed all over the country. We bring in analytics and real time interaction console to implement several possibilities to stabilize the consequence raised by obstacles. We believe 0% unemployment and Independence of knowledge makes a better country.

Technology Engineering

Acquiring education has been a part of privilege in every formed society, either structured or unstructured. More than fifty percentage of students graduated from structured education or education through correspondence are first generation graduates, we are proud to be one. To help any eligible to acquire high level education and excellent career is our priority. Leaving a trails of the family is considered honourable and we respect it.

Education consulting

The ability of technology has been revolutionized in this one and a half decade, Utilization of technology and automation has reported in high efficiency and benefits in every organization. DS CON will represent a more standardized and edible version of technology integrations to our clients. Taking advantage of the cloud and enforcing web based tools can tremendously embrace education standards to a social spectrum.

Digital DATA process and Materialization

Collaborating with passionate experts and supporters in the education industry representing various domains to access knowledge. Educational sector contains vast and variety of data in several formats. Scaling the data and restructuring for particular process is a requirement and recommended for parallel learning. Right from palm leaf reading to digital notes, we are likely to materialize billions of data concepts to be accessed by anyone with enough specifics and relations on the subject.


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